Take art classes near Arlington homes.The Arlington Arts Center is dedicated to bringing the experience of the arts to DC metro home owners and to supporting artists in Arlington homes and the surrounding areas. The AAC hosts classes for children, teens, and adults. Professional artists are the instructors, and participants work in a friendly environment, honing techniques and refining their artistic voices. Kids as young as two can come for a weekly art experience. School-aged children are invited to participate in a class that helps them to appreciate the work exhibited in the galleries. They are encouraged to experiment with materials beyond the traditional art supplies.

Sketch Historic DC Metro Home Sites

Adults are invited to rediscover their own creative process. Take a drawing fundamentals class. Sketchbook DC is a great way to experience scenery and landmarks not far from Arlington homes, get some fresh air, and make friends as participants go around the capital, observing and drawing historical buildings and landscaping.

Exhibitions of the work of artists from around the Mid-Atlantic region are held throughout the year, for both emerging and established artists. These exhibits and the lectures and workshops that go with them help to bring the importance of the arts into focus and encourages dialogue between artists and viewers.

Visit Arlington Arts Center to see a current schedule of classes, sign up for summer art camp, and see the current exhibitions.