Read about how to choose DC real estate you'll really love.If you’re doing a DC real estate search, you’re going to run into lots of advice about how to buy a DC metro home. You should think about where you work and how far you want to commute. You should make a budget and decide how much house you really need. Don’t forget to check out the local shopping options and schools. All of these things are very important to have sorted out. And they are all pretty objective measurements. However, if your to do list ends there, you’ve left out a really important aspect of home buying: how you respond emotionally to a house and a neighborhood.

It’s an Art and a Science to find the Right DC Metro Home

A really good DC real estate agent can help you sort out what’s really vital to you and what is not. Good agents will really listen to what you want. They will be able to sort out the best neighborhoods for you in ways that the big real estate sites can’t. There’s no filter for trees that remind you of your cousin’s house, or for the feel in the kitchen that takes you back to cooking with your grandfather. And yet, it’s those emotional connections that really make a house feel like home. Home buying is an intensely emotional process. Honor that, so you end up with a house that will be the home you make wonderful memories with family and friends.