Enjoy the arts near Fairfax homes.All who own Fairfax homes are invited to come and celebrate the arts in this fine city. The 31st Annual Fairfax Spotlight on the Arts will begin on Friday, April 15, 2016 in an effort to encourage awareness of cultural opportunities in the community of Fairfax. This festival has grown into a significant three week event with art shows, operas, theatre productions, dance, music, lunches, speakers, dinners, and more. The event will kick off with a gala at Old Town Hall that will celebrate over 30 years of arts as well as the community of Fairfax as a whole. There will be many things for those owning Fairfax homes to check out the end of April and beginning of May.

DC Metro Home Owners Celebrate the Arts

A fun event that gives DC metro home owners the chance to meet others and check out local businesses is The Arts Mean Business-An Art Walk through Old Town Fairfax. Participants can learn more about businesses with an artistic twist. Fashion enthusiasts will enjoy Fashion in Motion, which was a big hit of last year and will feature a new element of wearable art. This festival is really special in how it brings people of all ages together. Children’s performances, youth art shows, and music concerts by local schools will all be included in the program this year. Check out the loaded calendar at Fairfax Spotlight on the Arts. Pick and choose the events that speak to you and fit into your schedule.