Explore DC real estate on Lafayette Square.DC real estate is filled with the history of the founding of our country. One place in particular that is a fun walk near DC metro homes is Lafayette Square. The seven-acre park is north of the White House and has a great view of the north side. Originally, the square was to be part of the grounds surrounding the president’s residence and so was called President’s Park. The square got its name in 1824, in honor of the French general of the American Revolution, General Marquis Gilbert de Lafayette.  A huge state of him stands at one of the corners of the park.  Three other Revolutionary War generals are honored, and a statue of Andrew Jackson stands in the middle of the square.

See the Rowhouses that Were Fashionable DC Metro Homes

Anyone interested in historic DC real estate will have a great time walking around the park and seeing the buildings surrounding the square. This was once the most fashionable neighborhood in the city, and residents included Stephen Decatur, Dolley Madison, and John Hay. The rowhouses have been designated historic landmarks, and the buildings constructed more recently were designed to harmonize with them. This is the result of the intervention of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, who intervened to stop the demolition of the historic buildings, which were slated to be replaced with ultra modern structures. Lafayette Square’s character was deemed worth preserving, and an alternate plan was developed.

Visit Lafayette Square to find out more about the history of the park.