Consider smaller Washington DC homes to live better.The “tiny house movement” is big news nowadays. These micro houses, often on wheels, are touted as a way to save money, reduce environmental impact, and be more conscious about living choices. Not everyone can take to the road with a truck and a mobile tiny house, but more cities are making small spaces available for rent or to buy. If you’re shopping around Washington DC homes, you might want to consider a smaller space.

On the DC metro real estate market, most people feel they cannot afford a house or condo in the city, so they look in the suburbs. That usually means commuting to work, which is time-consuming and exhausting. A smaller space in the city can eliminate the commute, as well as landing you in a fun and exciting neighborhood. You’ll actually have time to explore your cool neighborhood, too, if you don’t spend an hour to two hours getting to and from work.

Consider DC Metro Real Estate with Less Space and Shorter Commutes

Smaller Washington DC homes have other advantages, too. A house that’s 1000 square feet or less will use much less in utilities, be easier to clean, and, in general, cost less to renovate.

The important thing to think about is your priorities. For single people, couples, or even families with very young children, the trade-off in space might just be more time to live life and more money to enjoy it.

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