Visit the pandas at the zoo on DC real estate.The National Zoo is the place to go to see the world’s creatures on one piece of DC real estate. Admission is always free, which makes the zoo a fun place to spend a few hours near DC metro homes. The zoo is dedicated to assisting with replenishing creatures who are threatened with extinction. The newest baby to be born at the zoo is the giant panda cub named Bei Bei. The panda house opens at 9 a.m., and visitors can see Bei Bei and his mother Mei.

More than 300 different species, totalling 1800 animals, are housed on this public DC real estate area. Meet great apes and primates, the big cats, Asian elephants, and American bison. Meet more animals from Asia on the Asia Trail, including red pandas, sloth bears, and fishing cats, among others. Animals from North America may not be so exotic, but they are quite fascinating. See California sea lions, bald eagles, gray wolves, river otters, and more.

Children who visit the zoo can interact closely with alpacas, cows, donkeys, and goats at the Kids Farm. Designed for kids aged three to eight, the farm also teaches kids about how food is grown. The Pizza Garden will show kids how tomatoes, wheat, and cheese go from the farm to their plates.

Visit the National Zoo to find out more about the animals and membership options to help support the work of the zoo.