Choose smart design for Washington DC homes.Lots of people dream of a huge house, with extra room for crafting, a playroom, a media room, and a guest room. Of course, there are Washington DC homes that do have tons of space for all these extra rooms. However, that much space usually comes at the cost of a long commute from the suburbs into the city. And the truth is that often a home with a smart layout can feel quite spacious and have a lot of room for life as it’s lived.

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In fact, in many cities it’s older homes that are selling the fastest. Modern design, especially mid-century modern, emphasizes functionality of the space. They tend to favor open spaces, with a clean and simple design. They also tend to integrate the natural environment with large windows and outdoor living space. In fact, there is starting to be a demand for this style of home in new building. More and more people are discovering that a house with good flow and elegant design can have many of the advantages of a larger space, but with some advantages not found in larger homes. For instance, a smaller home will have a smaller utilities bill. And if you have to watch movies or pursue hobbies with your partner or family members around, you will be able to share your passions more easily than if you isolate yourself.

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